Various book reviews…

Lupa’s Review of Dancing God – five pawprints out of five!

Mike Gleason’s Review of Dancing God  “I heartily recommend this book for a variety of reasons, the most important being that it is good poetry.”  And, about BA: “Bibliotheca Alexandrina is not going to give us more “101” books. It is going to give us inspiration and encouragement to bring our thought and beliefs to a wider audience. It will encourage us to examine, personally, why we believe and what we believe. I doubt that they will every become a “major” publisher, a but a few quality books a year from a company that cares are worth far more than flood of mediocrity from a company that cares only about profits.”

Good Reads review of Goat Foot God I particularly like this phrase in the five star review, ” She even ventures into the minefield of how one might view Pan through a feminist lens, offering several thought-provoking ideas and not attempting to tell the reader what conclusions to draw.”  That’s precisely what I was after – thanks!

Druid Network Review of Goat Foot God

And an interview with me….


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